How To Pay?

What kind of payment methods we accept ?We Accept payments from the following payment methods so feel free to pay via any of the following payment methods and if you want to pay money for any of our ... View

What are Serverbd nameserver addresses?

The nameservers will vary depending on which server your site resides. A list of Our DNS  is (uk01) ... View

How to manage files via cPanel File Manager

You can also use the built-in File Manager capabilities of your cPanel which is easy and doesn't require anything but a web browser to use. Accessing File Manager Login to your website ... View

How to order Domain and Hosting on Serverbd

Serverbd makes registering Domain Names And Hosting Account fast, simple, and affordable. Find out How to Order a Domain and Hosting Account on Serverbd . We will be now show How to Order a 1GB Shared ... View

How do I login to my cPanel?

When you ordered your service you should have received login details including a username, password and other associated information. ... View

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