How do I access my cPanel?

Accessing your cPanel can be done through a variety of means: The temporary IP login locations in your welcome e-mail Through ... View

How do I login to my cPanel?

When you ordered your service you should have received login details including a username, password and other associated information. ... View

How to create and delete Databases

Databases are used by many scripts to make storing a lot of information really simple and easy, instead of say, using thousands of files, a script can use a single database with several tables. ... View

How to enable Remote MySQL Usage/Management

If you need to connect to your databases remotely through MySQL management software such as MySQL Administrator or similar, you can do this easily by enabling Remote MySQL connections. How do I ... View

How to manage files via cPanel File Manager

You can also use the built-in File Manager capabilities of your cPanel which is easy and doesn't require anything but a web browser to use. Accessing File Manager Login to your website ... View

How to transfer your accounts from your old host

- login to cPanel - click backups - click 'Home Directory' under Partial Backups - choose a location on your computer to save the file - select any/all databases - save those to your computer - select ... View

Managing Database Data with phpMyAdmin

phpMyAdmin is a de facto standard for administrating databases in an easy point-n-click manner and makes editing and updating tables manually very easy. Accessing phpMyAdmin Login to cPanel Click ... View

Managing MySQL User Accounts

For security, you have the ability to create individual MySQL users to use with one or more database each with their own unique username and password including what privileges each user has. Creating ... View

Using FTP to Manage Files

To use FTP to manage files you will need three key pieces of information... Your Username (eg. webuser) Your Password Your FTP Host/Server name (eg. and of course an FTP ... View

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