How to Install WordPress (OneClick)

    WordPress is the most popular CMS (content management system) in Bangladesh also in the world and powers over 60% of websites on the internet.

    It levels the playing field amongst entrepreneurs as it allows complete newbies the ability to set up a professional-looking website in a matter of minutes without any coding knowledge.

    STEP 1: Login to your cPanel (Provide by Serverbd)

    STEP2: Go to Software section, then click on the Softaculousicon.

    edu wordpress 101 select softaculous pl update

    STEP 3: Click on the WordPress logo. This will open a screen with several options displayed. You will see a screen with Install, Overview, Features, and Import. Click on the Install link.

    edu wordpress 101 updated choose wordpress

    STEP 4: Fill in the WordPress installation details. The following is the necessary information you need to fill in:

    edu wordpress 101 wordpress softaculous 3 setup

    Software Setup

    Choose DomainSelect the Domain you want to install your WordPress on from the drop-down menu.
    In DirectoryLeave this blank to install on the domain directly. If you are installing in a subfolder of your site you type the folder name here. This will make the blog load like the following:
    Admin UsernameEnter a username for your WordPress Dashboard login.
    Admin PasswordEnter whatever password you want for the Dashboard Login.
    Admin emailEnter a valid email here. The system will place an invalid email here. you will need a valid one.

    STEP 5: Softaculous will check the submitted data and install the files to your server for WordPress. 
    Click Return to Overview. Now you will see your WordPress installation in the Current Installations list.

    edu wordpress 101 wordpress softaculous 4 installing
    edu wordpress 101 wordpress softaculous 5 congratulations
    edu wordpress 101 wordpress softaculous 6 current install
    STEP 6: Visit your website in your browser. You should see a new WordPress install like the snapshot to the right.
    edu wordpress 101 wordpress softaculous 7 new install
    Note! If you do not see your website load after installing your WordPress site, you may need to point the nameservers, wait for propagation or contact serverbd helpline.