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Why should you choose the best web hosting for SEO?

Best web hosting for SEO
Best web hosting for SEO

Your Best web hosting for SEO hosting provider can have a huge impact on your site, particularly if your focus is on having an SEO-ready site that can quickly climb the ranks in search engines. Like any other choice that involves your success online, it’s one that should be perfectly optimized for your goals.
Choosing a perfectly SEO friendly hosting service is much easier said than done. There are dozens of highly-reviewed hosting companies and the best option greatly depends on your personal needs.

Those needs are most often determined by the kind of website that you need to host. For example, a blog and an online store may both rely on good search engine optimization potential, but they aren’t likely to be equally well-served by the same hosting company.
You may have even more specific needs, such as compatibility for a specific platform like WordPress, or a very limited budget.

The best web hosting in 2021 is fast, secure, reliable, and has customer support that can completely support you. Want to jump straight to the answer? The best web hosting provider in Bangladesh for most people is definitely Serverbd. Web hosting services come in all shapes and sizes.

Does hosting affect SEO?

Yes, web hosting can affect your website’s SEO. Although quality, well-optimized content is the most important factor in terms of optimization, choosing the wrong host can have a negative impact on your SEO, especially if it causes your website to load slowly or go offline often.

So we think 5 thing you must need focus before buy web hosting in Bangladesh.

  1. High Uptime Guarantee
  2. Server Location
  3. Premium Module
  4. Good Reviews
  5. Good Support

Ultimately, you want a web host that supports your organic efforts, rather than impeding them. Let’s look at five key features that define an SEO-friendly web hosting company.

High Uptime Guarantee

Your host’s uptime guarantee is arguably the most important factor in whether they’re SEO-friendly.

Uptime refers to the percentage of the time your site is online and accessible. The higher your uptime, the less likely visitors will visit your site only to discover it’s down, sending them back to the search engines and potentially risking your rankings in the process.

Better, more reliable hosts offer higher uptime guarantees.

For best results, choose a host with at least 99.9 percent uptime guarantee (or higher, if you can get it). That translates to roughly 1.44 minutes of downtime a day and 8.8 hours per year. Not bad.

However, be wary of any host that claims 100 percent uptime. There’s always going to be some downtime. The key is to keep it as short as possible. That way, it won’t affect your SEO performance. Best web hosting for SEO must be 99.99% Uptime.

Server Location

While uptime refers to your site content being accessible to users, your server location may dictate how quickly it’s accessible to them.

If you’re on a shared, VPS, or dedicated server hosting plan, your site lives on a physical server in a data center somewhere (as opposed to cloud hosting, where your data is housed in the cloud).

Ideally, you want that data center located as close as possible to the majority of your site visitors. The farther away your server is, the longer it can take for your site to load.

Server location can also look fishy to search engines, which may affect Best web hosting for SEO If you operate in one country but use a host located halfway around the world, there may be something nefarious going on

It goes without saying that servers themselves should also be fast and that the host should further boost performance through a Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Premium Module

Inside you Hosting panel must need have some premium plug infeature which is trending right now.

Automatic backups: If something ever goes wrong, you want a site backup you can quickly restore from. See if your host offers automatic backups for free or for an added cost. Example: Acronic backup
SSL: HTTPS has been a ranking factor for years now. If you haven’t already transitioned to a secure site, you need to get your act together. Make sure your host supports SSL. Some even include them for free with your hosting package.

Multiple hosting plans: As your site grows, your hosting needs are likely to change (this is a good thing!). Eventually, your traffic numbers may be big enough to warrant switching to your own dedicated server. This transition will be easier (and cheaper) if you don’t have to switch hosting providers at the same time.

Good Reviews

Alright, let’s say you’re actually using this list to compare hosts. By this point, you’ve read through their hosting features, and it appears they’re checking off all the right things.

Now it’s time to validate that the marketing claims are true. Before you sign up with a host, take a few minutes to read their online reviews.

A caveat: The hosting space tends to attract more unhappy reviews than most.

If a barista messes up your coffee, you’re unlikely to be bothered enough to write a scathing review for the cafe on Yelp.

But if your site goes down, even for a moment, or even if you were at fault (as can happen if you choose an inappropriate hosting plan for your traffic needs), you are going to be extremely angry with your host and tweet, post, and blog about it loudly and vociferously.

Good Support

A good host will offer 24/7 support for free. Verify the operating hours of your potential host’s support team, and see how exactly you’ll be able to get in touch with them. Is there a phone number, live chat, or email?

Check out their social profiles, too. Web hosts who care about helping their customers tend to make customer support widely available on social media, perhaps even via dedicated support Twitter accounts.

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